RJ Cherry & Son

Local Northern Irish producers of Pak Choi and Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

Would you like high dry matter floury potato with a firm texture and a unique taste? Just like Granny used to cook up!!

To cook

Potatoes are a versatile vegetable extensively used in many dishes and recipes. World wide cooks recommendations often differ, but cooked in their jackets steaming is preferred for high dry matter potatoes. One recommendation cooks all agree with is that you should, if possible, select potatoes of equal size before cooking. Sunbeam is an excellent potato boiled or steamed, baked or chipped.

Our varieties

R J & W A Cherry, farmers and potato plant breeders have cross pollenated a new variety for you at Carnlea, Ballymena. The variety is called 'Sunbeam' Now if you would prefer a more waxy potato with an average dry matter of 19% the same potato plant breeders offer you another new variety 'Sunray'. All these potatoes are locally grown.

Storage & Care

Use as fresh as possible. Remember unwashed potatoes do not have a "sell by" date and can be stored for long periods whereas washed potatoes deteriorate more quickly once the protective soil and natural oils have been removed from the skin surface.

For best results and longer storage we recommend that all potatoes should be stored in a ventilated cardboard box or paper bag in a cool, dark, dry and frost free area.