RJ Cherry & Son

Local Northern Irish producers of Pak Choi and Seed potatoes

About us

Here in rural County Antrim, Northern Ireland can be found growing in tunnels a unique new wonderful product which is so versatile and useful for many a cook and chef.

Our Tunnels

We cultivate and grow the Pak Choi in a completely grit and soil free environment. This unique way of producing Pak Choi means it is completely grit free and because it is produced clean it is not washed and this gives our vegetable a longer storage life.

The produce

Pak choi

Shanghai Pak Choy or Pak Choi as it is often referred to was a true diversification of a local farmer who saw the need for an innovative produce which has already demonstrated much success. Pak Choi is one of the oldest Chinese vegetables and has been cultivated in China since the fifth century A.D.

Seed potatoes

R J & W A Cherry, farmers and potato plant breeders have cross pollenated a new variety for you at Carnlea, Ballymena. The variety is called 'Sunbeam'. Now if you would prefer a more waxy potato with an average dry matter of 19% the same potato plant breeders offer you another new variety 'Sunray'. All these potatoes are locally grown.